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(Differential) Refractive Index Measurement with low Uncertainties and Dimensions using an Asymmetric Nanofluidic Grating Detector

Ref.-Nr.: 0707-5502-BC

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The invention relates to a new method for measuring the refractive index n of a substance with low uncertainties. The latter is in particular the case when the deviation of the refractive indices Δn, as compared to another substance, is only small (Δn < 0.02). Thereby, sensitive and contactless information on molecule concentration or process conditions for a wide range of applications can be obtained. The low uncertainties are enabled through the development of an asymmetric nanofluidic ...

A graphene diode with bias-induced barrier modulation

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-5155-BC

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Metal-insulator-metal (MIM) diodes are very promising for application as rectennas for solar energy harvesting, photo-detectors and high frequency mixers. Good MIM diode performance requires a high asymmetry, a strong nonlinearity, a large responsively, as well as a low resistance or a high on-current. These figures of merit are mainly determined by the work function difference of the electrodes, and the barrier height between the insulator and the electrode materials. In the design of MIM diodes, ...

A method and device for reversibly attaching a phase changing metal to an object

Ref.-Nr.: 0104-5132-BC

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Reversible adhesion can be used to transfer or to manipulate objects. Especially if the objects are small and/or fragile their manipulation become very challenging. Intermolecular forces such as Van-der-Waals can be used to achieve a strong adhesion between the objects. Moreover, surface functionalization and the creation of nano- and microstructures can be used to improve these adhesion properties. Unfortunately, the adhesion becomes insufficient if the surfaces are wet or rough. Another problems ...

Accurate contactless measurement of surface and micro sample temperatures

Ref.-Nr.: 0041-5601-WT

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The study of mechanical properties of materials at high temperatures at the microstructural length scale requires dedicated testing setups. An accurate measurement of the sample temperature is vital for reliable testing. Most of the successful current testing platforms record the temperatures of the sample and tip near the heating sources but not at the respective surface. As a consequence, due to spatial and temporal thermal gradients a reliable surface temperature cannot be measured today. Even ...

Advanced collector sweeping with homogenous power deposition of the electron beam in high-power rf vacuum-tubes

Ref.-Nr.: 1801-3749-WT

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This invention includes two alternative advanced methods to achieve a homogenous collector power distribution, which improves the collector capability of high power vacuum-tubes by a factor of two as compared to conventional methods. Furthermore the applied method has a high flexibility to vary the power distribution over a wide range of profiles and match the deposition profiles to different designs of collectors in existing or future electron tubes.

Advanced magnetic zipper for industrial and consumer applications

Ref.-Nr.: 0705-4974-BC

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Conventional mechanical zippers find manifold applications for luggage, clothing or even industrial applications. However, their design features significant disadvantages. In particular, they require the use of both hands by the user to align the ends of the garment and lock the insertion pin into the slider. This mechanism can be prone to jamming and failure and more generally requires the user to free his or her hands. The user must further use one or both hands to move the slider along the ...

Advanced vorticity measurements on complex flows

Ref.-Nr.: 0705-4770-BC

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The dynamics of complex flows and turbulences are dominated by vortices of many different scales. In general, the vortex describes the group motion of fluid elements in a circular fashion, whereas the vorticity quantizes this spinning moment of a fluid element confined to a small neighborhood.

For diagnosis of flows, conventional techniques track the movements of small particles added into the flow (e.g., Lagrangian particle tracking, LPT, and particle image velocimetry, PIV). However, ...

Apparatus and method for creating a holographic ultrasound field in an object

Ref.-Nr.: 0104-5066-BC

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Ultrasound is being used in many fields ranging from medical imaging and therapy to non-destructive testing, contact-free particle handling or spatially selective heating in industrial settings. Often, those applications require shaping (including focusing) of an ultrasonic field. Compared to existing transducers with fixed lenses or phased array transducers (PATs) the present invention allows much more sophisticated sound fields to be generated using much simpler and cheaper technology.

Apparatus for Generating Random Numbers using an Optical Parametric Oscillator

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-5494-BC

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The invention relates to an apparatus for generating random numbers, using an optical parametric oscillator.

The generation of random numbers is important in information science as well as in modelling and simulation. In cryptography, for instance, random numbers are needed for encryption algorithms. Preferably, the generated numbers are true (i.e. non-predictable) and have an equal distribution.

The apparatus according to the invention is based on the bi-stable outcome of an optical ...


Ref.-Nr.: 1801-6386-WT

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Die Erfindung betrifft einen Bildleiter, der insbesondere für den Einsatz in einer Umgebung mit radioaktiver Strahlung geeignet ist. In einer solchen Umgebung verringert sich die Transmission des Bildleiters mit der Zeit. Bekannterweise kann die Transmission des Bildleiters durch Erwärmen auf eine Temperatur im Bereich von 100° bis 300° regeneriert werden. Weil dieses Erwärmen bisher in einem Ofen erfolgte, implizierte das Regenerieren des Bildleiters seinen Abbau von seinem Betriebsort, ...

BLE-based micro-transmitter and monitoring app

Ref.-Nr.: 0707-5558-MG

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A lightweighted,  long-life, long-range and low-cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-based tracking system with monitoring app.

Catcher for stabilization of high-viscosity extrusion jets

Ref.-Nr.: 0105-6614-BC

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The offered invention relates to a device that reduces free-jet instabilities inherent to high-viscosity extrusion injection, facilitating delivery of protein microcrystals for serial diffraction X-ray crystallography.

Closure Device for Evaporator Cell of a Coating System

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-5136-BC

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Evaporation cells for thin film deposition often operate under ultrahigh vacuum or special gas atmosphere, requiring long growth campaigns and short maintenance openings to preserve the best possible vacuum environment. The deposition leads to coating of the inner chamber walls, the removal of which is difficult and very time consuming. Growth control and interruptions during material deposition may require frequent operation of the closure device or shutter. The commonly used shutter (Fig. 1) ...

Compact high-voltage vacuum feedthrough

Ref.-Nr.: 0302-4988-WT

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Applying high voltages in vacuum applications requires feedthroughs, which electrically insulate the conductor from the vacuum chamber whilst being vacuum-tight. In high- and ultrahigh vacuum environments, the materials used need to be low in outgassing rates. The current technology for feedthroughs withstanding tens to hundreds of kilovolts relies on vacuum-tight ceramic to metal connections, which are heavy, fragile and prone to contamination. Commercially available feedthroughs are stand-alone ...


Ref.-Nr.: 1305-5612-WT

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eeFILM – Extended Excitation for Faster Measurement of Fluorescent Lifetimes

Ref.-Nr.: 0707-5026-BC

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The estimation of excitation lifetimes based on fluorescence or phosphorescence emission is an essential technique in basic and applied science. It provides information on molecular interactions
as well as on physical properties. Measuring the emission lifetime with spatial resolution provides an imaging modality, which in case of fluorescence is called Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM). FLIM is applied extensively in biological imaging in order to determine the conformation, activation, ...

Efficient Optical Readout: Highly Versatile Chemical Sensor

Ref.-Nr.: 0104-6343-BC

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The invention relates to an innovative detector concept for the identification of analytes in a gas that is extremely versatile and yet easy to construct and to operate. The superior properties were reached by an optical readout system for electrical signal of multiple detector cells.

Detecting and quantifying concentrations of analytes of interest is usually achieved using materials that change their electrical properties upon exposure. As different materials combined in one sensor need ...

Enhancement resonator including non-spherical mirrors

Ref.-Nr.: 1202-4590-WT

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An Enhancement Cavity (EC) with at least one toroidal and/or cylindrical mirror is described. This allows for an arbitrary beam ellipticity of the eigenmode. In particular at a stability edge, where the ellipticity diverges with purely spherical optics, a round beam can be obtained.

Environmental Monitoring: Detection of Atmospheric Particulate Matter PM2.5

Ref.-Nr.: 1629-5711-WT

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The invention relates to a new and durable system, which brings the possibility of accurate size measuring and simultaneous counting of airborne particles with an aerodynamic diameter of up to 2.5 microns.

Measuring the particulate matter contamination in a gas in the range of PM2.5 is advantageous or crucial for various applications. Monitoring the concentration of the corresponding particles, for example in air, reveals information about pollution. The possibility of aerosol ...

Fast Photodetector with Intrinsic Amplification: Avalanche Photodiode Array

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-5750-BC

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The invention relates to a new monolithic Avalanche Photodiode array with a novel inter pixel isolation structure. The technology allows the design of sensitive photodetectors with remarkable spatial resolution at very fast imaging capabilities for various applications.
Although Avalanche Photodiodes are a convenient tool due to their intrinsic amplification, their use in photodetectors with high pixel densities is challenging due to insufficient isolation of the pixels. Hence their use in ...

Flash 2 – Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Ref.-Nr.: 0707-4198-BC

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is nowadays a leading mo¬dality for diagnostic imaging with about 100 million examinations per year worldwide. However, when invented by Paul Christian Lauterbur in 1973, MRI was too slow to allow for routine medical applications. A breakthrough was achieved in 1985 by the FLASH (Fast Low Angle Shot) technique developed by Jens Frahm and his team at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, Germany. With FLASH the measuring time for a cross-sectional ...

FlipDroppy household dispenser for powders and granular food

Ref.-Nr.: 0109-6297-LI

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Accurate dispensing device for intuitive, spill free use

FlipDroppy laboratory dispenser for solid particles, powders, and beads

Ref.-Nr.: 0109-6297-LI

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An accurate dispensing device for powders and irregularly shaped particles

High efficiency hydrodynamic collimation vacuum interface for atmospheric pressure ion sources

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-4433-BC

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In mass spectroscopy, many ion sources that transform the specimen to be tested into gas phase ions operate at ambient or elevated pressure. The generated ions have to be transferred into vacuum for further characterization, for instance in a mass analyzer.
The ion transfer into vacuum represents a major bottleneck. Because the pumping power increases rapidly with the size of an opening, long capillaries or small pinholes have to be used. Their transmission is commonly as low as 1%, in optimal ...

Higher Power Output and Simple Setup: New Source of Terahertz Radiation

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-6201-BC

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A novel concept for an efficient source of terahertz radiation was developed that is simple, powerful, and easy to use. It improves the possibilities to use THz radiation in science, medicine, security, communications, and other specialized applications.

THz radiation is expected to have high potential in various fields of science and technology. However, respective sources typically require highly specialized and complicated components like single crystals or cryogenics. Furthermore, a ...

Hot-wire anemometer with high temporal resolution

Ref.-Nr.: 0705-6586-BC

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The Differential Temperature Anemometry (DTA) is a cutting-edge technique that enhances the temporal resolution of flow velocity measurements in thermal anemometry. By leveraging the in-stantaneous temperature gradient of the sensor, DTA provides rapid and continuous data without the need for thermal equilibrium. This innovation represents a significant leap forward, offering high-speed, accurate flow detection for dynamic applications.

Hybrid Thin-Disk Amplifier

Ref.-Nr.: 1202-4510-WT

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

Ultrafast amplifier systems providing high average powers (>10W) at repetition rates in the kHz regime suffer from severe accumulation of nonlinear phase inside the laser gain medium and other optical components within the amplifier. Implementation of chirped pulse amplification (CPA) constitutes a well-established method to reduce the peak intensity of the laser pulse during the amplification process [1, 2]. However, state of the art laser materials supporting high average output powers such ...

Improved Safety: Real-Time Monitoring of Thermal Power of a Nuclear Reactor

Ref.-Nr.: 0102-5836-WT

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

The invention relates to a new and easy to use device for real-time monitoring of the thermal power of a nuclear reactor. It is based on the easy to access 16N decay rate in the cooling water. The robust and easy to implement method significantly improves the safety of nuclear facilities.

Nuclear reactors require high standards of safety and detailed information about changes are needed in order to control them in a safe manner. Besides detailed real-time simulations, direct ...


Ref.-Nr.: 1629-4734-WT

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Laser device with kerr effect based mode-locking and operation thereof

Ref.-Nr.: 1202-4422-WT

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A laser device (100), configured for generating laser pulses, has a laser resonator (10) with a gain disk medium (11) and a Kerr medium (12). The laser resonator (10) includes a first mode shaping section (13) which is adapted for shaping a circulating electric field coupled into the gain disk medium (11), and a second mode shaping section (14), which is adapted for shaping the circulating electric field coupled into the Kerr medium (12) independently of the electric field shaping in the first ...

Magnetically Coupled Worm Gear using stationary (here permanent) Magnets

Ref.-Nr.: 0207-6160-WT

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The invention relates to a new method of using magnetic forces in order to mechanically couple the worm of a worm gear with its corresponding worm wheel. According to the invented arrangement, a (permanent) magnet, i.e., a relatively hard magnetic material, magnetizes the worm, which is made from a relatively soft magnetic material. Thus, the magnetized worm develops attraction forces concerning the (also magnetically soft) tooth system of the worm wheel. In this way, it is sufficient to use comparably ...

Method and apparatus for optical frequency comb generation using a monolithic micro-resonator

Ref.-Nr.: 1202-3760-WT

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The invention relates to a monolithic optical frequency comb generator. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method of generating an optical frequency comb.

Method and radiation source for generating pulsed coherent radiation

Ref.-Nr.: 1302-3482-WT

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The present invention relates to a method of generating pulsed coherent radiation in the UV and XUV wavelength ranges. Furthermore, the present invention relates to a radiation source for generating pulsed coherent radiation based on a high harmonic generation (HHG).


Ref.-Nr.: 1629-5565-WT

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The invention relates to a new method for an improved production of random numbers and verification of their randomness. In order to do so, it uses the quantum mechanical properties of microscopic particles and structures. A number sequence is generated by means of a repetitive quantum mechanical random process. The measurement of this process is performed by a homodyndetection of an optical input signal, where the signal interferes with a local oscillator, e.g. a laser, at a central beam splitter ...

Milestone for Plasmonics: The Plasmon Generating Transistor

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-4765-BC

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The invention relates to a new method for a plasmon emitting transistor that operates in the single quantum regime. It is a major step towards future data processing technology that is no longer based on electric currents but on the transition of light.

Developments over past decades have gradually increased the performance of computer chips, but new technologies are needed to overcome the sizing limit of classical transistors. Replacing the role of electrical currents by the use of light ...

Modular low light level sensors: a scalable approach

Ref.-Nr.: 0206-5874-BC

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A scalable and easy to handle method for the creation of larger (up to square meters) low light level detectors is disclosed. While the fast read-out times of a single detector is kept, the area covered by the detector ensemble (dramatically) increases. The large area is enabled by transversal connection of hybrid “base cells”. These “base cells” consist of vertically stacked tiers of (i) a detector array, (ii) a first level electronic read-out, and (iii) and a second level read-out which ...

Multichannel coil for UHF MRI

Ref.-Nr.: 0107-4677-BC

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Exploiting the benefits offered by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at ultra-high fields (≥ 7 Tesla) requires optimized radiofrequency (RF) coils. MRI at UHF operates in a regime where the RF wavelength is comparable to the dimensions of the sample size, resulting in an inhomogeneous distribution of the transmit field (B1+) and in an impaired image quality. An array of independent transmit coils arranged in multiple rows provides the degrees of freedom to influence the ...

Multifunctional RFID-based Platform for Animal Observation and Manipulation

Ref.-Nr.: 0214-5247-MG und 0214-5440-MG

IT / Software / Bioinformatik : (andere) Software
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Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten : Komponenten

≠¡]} Julius Kramer

An efficient system to monitor and control animal behavior in wildlife as well as in laboratory settings

Non-collinear spin-valve

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-5998-BC

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

A classical spin valve (SV) is a device in which the electrical resistance depends on the relative position of the magnetic moments of two ferromagnetic (FM) layers: with parallel (P) and antiparallel (AP) ordering, the SV resistance is minimum and maximum, respectively. Nowadays SVs are actively used in magnetic sensors, hard disk read heads and magnetic random-access memory. Thus, the SV, analogous to a transistor in conventional electronics, is a binary (digital) device. Here we offer a new ...

Optimization of Multi-Channel Coil for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ref.-Nr.: 1302-4127-BC

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) requires optimal radio-frequency (RF) coil performance that ensures the highest RF magnetic field per unit power delivered to the coil, while maintaining the highest achievable RF field homogeneity. For MRI at high magnetic field level, it is important to use a multi-channel transmit coil for producing the desired RF field. However, it is impossible to design a multi-channel coil without considerable coupling between its coil elements. The major challenge in multi-channel ...

Parallel-imaging time-of-flight momentum microscope

Ref.-Nr.: 1401-4572-WT

Bildgebung und Mikroskopie
Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten : Geräte

The state of an electron is completely defined by its momentum and spin. In processes like electron diffraction or photoemission electron ensembles are generated which have a characteristic 3D distribution of momentum and spin. To examine such events the three components of the momentum vector have to be measured. Up to now, the momentum distribution of an ensemble of charged particles was typically measured using energy-dispersive spectrometers based on sequential approaches (sequentially changing ...

Reducing phase singularities in speckle interferometry

Ref.-Nr.: 1629-5142-WT

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten : Geräte

Speckle interferometry is an established metrology technique for the characterization of rough objects. Deformations of rough objects under a load can be determined, as well as – with the help of an additional second wavelength – the surface shape of the object under test. As an illustration, Figure 1 (left) shows the so called raw phase as a result of a deformation measurement on a metal plate. The shape and the density of the fringes indicate the response of the metal plate to the load.
Owing ...

Safety apparatus and method for monitoring a light path of a laser beam, and applications of same

Ref.-Nr.: 1801-6105-WT

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

The invention enables a fast and effective safety for persons (or obstacles) being in danger of hitting the beam of powerful lasers like YAG lasers. While being extremely powerful, the YAG laser light is invisible to the human eye. The safety mechanism is based on a harmless, visible laser light, i.e., cylindrically surrounding the YAG beam a shutter mechanism (i.e., with an entrance of cylindrical symmetry and made of synthetic material). The safety laser light is controlled by a ring (or sector) ...

Scalable coupling part machined from one workpiece

Ref.-Nr.: 0704-5610-BC

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten : Komponenten

The invention describes an easy and cheap to produce, compact coupling part, manufactured out of one workpiece. This part, scalable for shaft diameters as low as 1 mm upwards, enables a quick and secure, backlash-free one- or two-sided engagement of shafts without the need for working space or additional tools (like a screwdriver). If requested, torque limited coupling (in one or both rotation directions) is possible. The production methods comprise a variety of materials and manufacturing processes. ...

Sensor for the Carrier-envelope Phase of Short Laser Pulses: A Measuring Device and a Laser Control Device

Ref.-Nr.: 1202-4253-WT

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

We present a sensor for the carrier-envelope phase of a few-cycle femtosecond laser. The sensor uses the electron current emitted from a nanoscale metal tip onto which we focus high-repetition-rate laser pulses.

Possible applications of this sensor are in the field of the technique of controlling and using pulse lasers, in particular used for measuring or high-power irradiation purposes.

The size of such a simple stand-alone sensor device for the carrier-envelope phase could be in ...

Single Photon Detection: Advanced DePFET with High Amplification

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-5766-BC

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

The invention relates to a new and improved concept for Depleted p-channel Field Effect Transistors (DePFET) detectors that provides a significantly higher intrinsic amplification. By the extension of the transistor layout, former limitations were overcome.
DePFETs are insufficient for many applications in terms of the achievable intrinsic amplification. This is since shorter transistor channels needed for high amplification would increase the detector noise caused by impact ionization events.
Additional ...

SNOM: New Sensitive Detection Method for Small Periodic Signals

Ref.-Nr.: 0302-6225-BC

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

The invention relates to a new detection method for small periodic signals in Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy (s-SNOM). Solving the problem of the rapid sampling rates necessary for lock-in amplification, the method is a powerful new readout system for various other applications as well.

Lock-in detection is a widespread technique, which enables the detection of very small periodic signals. However, it imposes constraints between the lock-in modulation frequency and the sampling ...

Soft Capsule Endoscope - "B-MASCE"

Ref.-Nr.: 0104-5410-BC

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

Im Zuge der stetigen Weiterentwicklung und Nachfrage auf dem Gebiet der minimal invasiven Chirugie wurde am Max-Planck-Institut für intelligente Systeme in Stuttgart im Team von Herrn Prof Sitti für patientenfreundliche Magen-Darm-Untersuchungen ein kabelloses kapselförmiges Endoskop in Pillengröße, das sogenannte "B-MASCE" entwickelt. Die aus einem Elastomer bestehende Kapsel dient hierbei sowohl als Gehäuse als auch als Federelement für die Nadel. Über in der Kapsel eingebaute Magnete ...

Touchless Positioning Interface: The Precise Nanosheet Moisture Sensor

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-4882-BC

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten : Sensoren

The invention relates to a new precise sensing device for gas and vapor that is based on a 2D nanosheet material. A remarkably high sensitivity allows for the application in smart touchless interfaces to operate future digital devices.

Sensors for environmental changes are one of the most promising approaches for touchless interface devices but state-of-the-art technologies are not satisfactory. They typically exhibit too long response times.

With its capability to resolve sub-centimeter ...

Ultracompact medical ventilation system

Ref.-Nr.: 0901-6012-WT

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

Comparison of the ventilation unit (left hand side) with a tennis ball.

The invention relates to a new, ultracompact non-invasive medical ventilation system. The BIPAP (Biphasic Positive Airway Pressure) ventilation unit, of size and weight of a tennis ball, is easy to handle and allows low-budget mass production. It can be powered by a rechargeable battery-pack – a great advantage in case of mobile use or damaged/unstable infrastructure leading to frequent blackouts. These benefits, ...

Uniform Deposition of Large-Area Multicomponent Coatings using Laser Irradiation Scanning of Predesigned Targets

Ref.-Nr.: 1201-4172-BC

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) facilitates efficient production of thin films using a laser ablation technique. Targets are selected according to the coating desired. Multiple targets are either moved mechanically to the incidence area, or they are fixed so that the laser beam is alternatively focused on each of them. Multiple targets are, however, known to cause discontinuities, whereas single multicomponent target usually doesn’t ensure compositional homogeneity. The technology presented here ...

Water content sensor for biological soil crusts

Ref.-No.: 0901-4720-WT

Sensoren, Geräte und Komponenten

In arid and semiarid regions biological soil crusts (BSC) cover about 1/3 of the soil surface. As far as it is known, these BSC (consisting of cyanobacteria, algae, fungi, bryophytes, and other bacteria living in contact with soil particles) are crucial for the global terrestrial carbon and nitrogen cycle. The water status plays a major role, since their water content directly controls the activity of these poikilohydric organisms.