PLAYFUL Reactive Programming for Orchestrating Robotic Behavior

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Ref.-Nr.: 0104-5603-BC

Playful is a scripting language for orchestration of Python modules. Playful allows developers to both organize the logic of activation in reactive behaviour tree and setup sensory-motor couplings, making it especially useful for robotics

Feature highlights

  • mixed logic for specifying runtime activation of branches : conditional activation, prioritization / resource management, and state machines
  • setup of sensory motor couplings via a dedicated scripting keyword ('targeting')

Targeted users

  • owners of robot (commercial or custom-made), using a higher level python API for interfacing (note: the Robot Operating System, ROS, is suitable for creating such python API) who want to create complex dynamic robotic behaviour, typically for service robot
  • manufacturer of service/social robots for the consumer markets, for developing demos and applications

Detailed descriptions

Visit for link to academic papers, tutorials and documentations.

Ordering and pricing

Users from academia and from non-profit research institutes can obtain their license directly from Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems ( Commercial users can choose between the following licensing schemes:

Single license (1) : € 520,-- plus VAT
Two months evaluation license (2) : free
Resale license (3) : on request



  1. Commercial licenses are valid for one year (365 days) from the day of ordering. All updates within this period are included. Payments in US-$ are welcome and will be based on the actual exchange rate EUR / US $. A single commercial license allows only usage of a single instance of Playful at a time.
  2. The evaluation license is identical to the site license but valid only for two months after initial ordering.
  3. Licensing schemes allowing resale of Playful as part of software suit or commercial robot API is possible

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