Patent Administration

Patent Administration

In 1995, the Max Planck Society transferred the area of patent administration to Max Planck Innovation. The Patent Administration team is in charge of all tasks relating to the German Employees' Invention Law. These include, among others:

Patent Law & Patent Administration

Since November 2010, Carsten Daleman has been supporting the patent administration team at Max Planck Innovation. The lawyer is responsible for the drafting, review and negotiation of intellectual property rights agreements. Furthermore he is in charge of several tasks relating to the German Employees' Invention Law, including the claiming and release of inventions. Mr. Daleman studied law at the Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University in Bonn and completed his postgraduate studies at the universities of Exeter (UK) and Dresden ("International Studies in Intellectual Property Law"). Lately he has been working for a law firm in Koblenz.

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