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Save-the date - 13th Biotech NetWorkshop at Ringberg Castle

Please save the date for the 13th Biotech NetWorkshop which next time will taking place in February/March 2020 at Schloss Ringberg (Ringberg Castle) on the banks of lake Tegern-see. The exact date we will be able to announce in March 2019.

The event is organised by Max Planck Innovation. Our workshop has been held on a regular basis since 2007 and is directed at scientists interested in founding a company as well as managers of life science start-ups that have already been spun off from either the Max Planck Society or partner organisations.

Offering a diverse range of events, our programme and the very special atmosphere at Schloss Ringberg combine to offer the perfect scope for intensive knowledge sharing between new founders and experienced managers.

The invitation documents will be available in early summer 2019. For further up to date in-formation we may also refer to our website:

Astrid Giegold
Tel.: 089 / 29 09 19-11

Elke Heller
Tel.: 089 / 29 09 19-25

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