A Comprehensive Service for Scientists of the Max Planck Institutes

The economic potential of novel research results is often far from being obvious. We support you in discovering and assessing the commercial potential of your research results. Depending on the outcome of this evaluation, we take care of the appropriate intellectual property protection, e.g. by filing for patent applications, which are prepared by external patent attorneys in close collaboration with you and Max Planck Innovation.

In addition, we discuss with you the most promising strategy for the commercialization of your invention – either licensing it to an existing company or a start-up based on your invention. We offer the best possible support for both strategies.

Research cooperations with industry fall within the scope of the individual Max Planck Institutes and the Max Planck Society. However, if we can find potential cooperation partners in our huge network of industry contacts we are happy to provide them to you.

Please note that our services are only available to scientists from Max Planck Institutes.

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